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Trained by Hollywood acting coach Larry Moss, British director Mike Alfreds, and Patsy Rodenburg OBE, Marcus is a deftly skilled actor with a vast understanding and depth in his craft.

Marcus can be booked through Kubler Auckland Management.

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Marcus Oborn Show Reel
Marcus Oborn Corporate Show Reel
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All My Friends Are Returning to Brisbane.  Wazza and Riley, Fringe Brisbane, 2022.

Young Rock, Season 2.  Lars Anderson, NBC and Seven Bucks Productions, 2022.  International television release.

Electra/Orestes, Aijisthus.  The Hive Collective and Metro Arts, 2021.

Savage in Limbo, Murk.  Big Scary Animal, 2019.

The Hanging, Detective Flint.  Room to Play and Playlab, 2018.

The Merry Widow, Njejus.  Opera Queensland and Queensland Music Festival, 2017.

Breathing Corpses, Ben.  OzPlays, 2013.

Tartuffe, Laurent and Figure of Judgement.  Artsworx, 2017.

Breaker Morant, Major Thomas.  Empire Theatres, 2017.

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