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Patsy Rodenburg Associate, 2022

Vocal Coaching: Welcome

Marcus Oborn is mentored by Professor Patsy Rodenburg OBE, world authority on actors vocal practices, as a student of the Patsy Rodenburg Academy.  He is a Patsy Rodenburg Associate, having completed his training in 2022.  He is one of fifty certified coaches globally, and the only certified coach on the east coast of Australia.

Marcus has been working as a professional voice and text coach since 2017, and in that time has trained over 100 actors in the safe use of their voice.

Since 2017, Marcus has worked with the University of Southern Queensland's School of Creative Arts in the Bachelor of Creative Arts and Bachelor of Theatre, teaching the voice

component of the undergraduate program.  Since 2022, Marcus has also taught at the Australian Performing Arts Conservatory, Brisbane.

Marcus is currently undertaking doctoral studies at the University of Southern Queensland, focusing on the union of Shakespeare, rhetoric, and the voice.

If you use your voice actively for extended periods of time each day while working, then you are a professional voice user.  Actors, teachers, legal professionals, auctioneers, CEO's - all of these professions and more rely on sound communication and clarity in speech.

Unfortunately, the pressures of the workspace and life often get in the way of us maintaining healthy speech habits.  The easiest way to combat the negative impact that they have on your breath, body and voice, is to learn how to get rid of them and speak with your authentic voice.

Marcus is proud to be able to offer tailor-made services to clients and students across Australia, with your time together focused on developing the skills you need to not only use your voice safely,

but to care for and strengthen it.

Keep an eye out here and on Marcus' social media channels for details of up-coming voice classes held across South East Queensland.

If you would like to speak with Marcus about one-on-one voice coaching, please click here and fill out the enquiry form and Marcus will get back to you as soon as possible.

Coaching is available face-to-face or online.

Vocal Coaching: Bio
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Marcus teaches in a considerate, sensitive, safe environment that allows the person to take the time they need to properly understand how their instrument works and how you can work with your voice in the future,


Marcus changed the way I view the connection between the voice and body.  Marcus explained things more logically and clearly than any other practitioner I have previously worked with and created a safe environment where I could experiment without feeling like I was "doing it wrong."


Marcus' class was a warm and open environment where I got to push myself, learn new techniques and establish new areas for me to work on as a performer.  It was great to be in a class where I could have genuine "Aha!" moments.


Marcus' class are a fresh perspective.  His pedagogy is universal, and his commitment & attention-to-detail means that each participant gets a tailor-made methodology to take the work into their own hands.  He empowers me to take positive ownership of my practice, and find the joy and brightness in what is otherwise an arduous labour.


The eight week introduction to voice course helped to foster a greater understanding of how the body ties into voice, and voice into text, as well as being given the tools to build your own unique blueprint to develop and evolve your voice.


While Marcus' gentle energy ensures a safe space for actors to explore themselves authentically, he also beckons the actor to honour the work through rigorous discipline and focused training.  Drawing on his intensive studies with internationally renowned voice coach, Patsy Rodenburg, Marcus offers the practicing actor nothing less than pure gold.


It's not often a teacher is able to successfully maintain specificity and simultaneously spark passion and joy in the students.  It's a fine line that Marcus is able to successfully walk as a vocal coach and teacher.  Whether you are in a class of twenty or a class of ten, focus and direction is still maintained whilst each student receives tailored vocal techniques and advice to suit their individual desires to grow.


The change I felt after just a few weeks of working on my voice with Marcus was incredible.  So much so that it's become an imperative part of my process.
Go see him - he will help you grow.

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